Eyes Wide Open

When I’m writing a song, first I’ll think of a lyric- usually at the most inconvenient times like in the middle of the night, in the middle of a movie at the theater, or in the middle of the test.  I’ll go to my notebook and see if the lyric would be a new song or if it's subconsciously part of a song I’m working on. A lot of the time I was thinking of a concept in a song I was writing a week earlier and then I’ll see that this new lyric matches with the idea.  I’ll go to the piano and start singing the lyric and messing around with chords until it’s a little catchy. I record this about 90% of the time so I don’t forget any little part of it because, trust me, I will forget it .02 seconds if I get distracted. 

Now the secret ingredient!- I jump on the trampoline and listen to the best copy of what I just recorded.  I get distracted very easily - SQUIRREL, haha. The test is to see if the song can hold my attention or if I zone out. I also pay attention to any lines that particularly stand out. I write lyrics a lot during school and then work them in and adjust the melody of the song when I get home. If I’m on a road trip and I just have to get a song out, I’ll use a phone piano- that's very interesting, haha. I also listen to a lot of older music and I’ll read poems to get ideas and inspiration.  You have to stay inspired to write songs. I’ve found that if I keep my eyes wide open and pay attention to everything and everyone around me on a deeper level, I have PLENTY of things to write about. That is a beautiful thing to get to appreciate- every creative person can benefit in their own craft by being present in the world around them. There are lots of songs that need to be written, and I have a lot more to write. So keep your eyes wide open. - Lyana Skye

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